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Business Visitor

 Who is a Business Visitor?

A business visitor is an individual who travels to Canada in order to engage in business activities such as trading, conducting training, taking orders for goods or services, attending meetings, site visits, trade fairs or any other business event, without directly entering the Canadian labor market.

The business visitors are those who own a business or are associated with a business outside Canada, with a source of income and place of business operation from outside Canada.

Business Visitors Visa Requirements

In order to obtain a business visitor visa, you must

  • Have a passport
  • Have enough financial resources to support your travel and stay
  • Intend to leave the country at the end of your visit
  • Plan to stay in the country for less than six months
  • Submit a proof to establish business ties with the country
  • Not enter the Canadian labor market
  • Not pose a threat to the country's security in any way
  • Not have indulged in any criminal activity

If you intend to stay more than six months, they you

  • Will have to apply for a work permit
  • May be considered a temporary worker
  • Must submit a letter of invitation from your potential business partner
  • Must submit 24-hour contact details for your potential business partner
Under the North American Free Trade Agreement, a U.S. or Mexican national may also take part in other activities, such as research, marketing, and general services.

If you plan to stay longer than six months or plan to work in Canada, you may be considered a temporary worker and have to apply for a work permit.